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Nelson's Cheaper To Keep'er CD
"The little red dog that s
tarted it all" ...

... "and the foundation of Woodstock Aussies"


Evan's regal Spice
Ealand's Nemo Bluechips
Evan's Bonnie Bluechip
CH Tri-Ivory Yankee Dandy CDX WRD
Peterson's Damn Yankee
Tri-Me Yank's P.J. CDX
Peterson's Trixie
CH Tri-Ivory Baked Alaska CDX
Wile's One To Many UD
Farrington's Buster Ivory
Wile's Annie Oakley
CH Tri-Ivory Here Come-Da-Fuzz CD
White's Bobby
Farrington's Punkin
White's Harriet
Heard's Cactus of Flintridge
Herdsman of Flintridge
Heard's Blue Spice of Flintridge
CH Wildhagen's Dutchman of Flintridge CDX
Heard's Salt of Flintridge
Savor of Flintridge
Nettlesheim's Twinkle
Nelson's Magic Dust
CH Las Rocosa Shiloh
Schueller's Irish Whiskey
England's Brandy Dee
Higgin's Maggie
CH Las Rocosa Shiloh
Las Rocosa Aunt Jemima
Las Rocosa Fritzie Taylor


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