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Welcome To Our Home !!!

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Come on In ...
We'll Show You Around !!!

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We've Been Waiting for You ...


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... and we'll be your "Tour Guides" during your visit !!!

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... whoa, there goes the cat !!!
(never a dull moment around here)

Let's take a stroll down to the barn, shall we ?

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"The Barn"

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Here's a close up view from the front ...
(Don't mind the agility equipment...it's everywhere we go!)

... and, looking out the back into the orchard !

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.... that's our grandma "Makita" on the left
(she 'rules the roost' with an 'iron paw' !!!)


This is the Grooming/Bathing Room ...

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..."not" our favorite place !

Let's open the door, and you'll see why ...

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Yep, there it is, the dreaded BATHTUB !!!

Ah well, a "show dog's gotta do, what a show dog's gotta do" I guess ...
... and we "clean up pretty good" for ranch dogs !!!   


These are our grassy paddocks ...
where we "try"to stay clean between dog shows ...

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somtimes we do, sometimes we don't ...
(and then it's back to the 'washroom' !!!)

Come See Our Playgrounds!!!

This is Central park ...
(named so, because it's located in the middle of our circular driveway)

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... where we work on various individual agility moves
... and weave poles !!!

This is Our Agility Arena...
(AKA Doggy Disneyland..."The Funnest Place on Earth !!!)

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... where we get to practice the full course in all different ways !!!

Time To Wander Up By The House...
(kinda' hard to see, but it's there)

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...to visit our version of Doggy Heaven !!!

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(We'll just bump the gate open for you with our noses ... follow us !!!)

Here it is...Doggy Water World !!!

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... and here's our dad "Mugs" in fine form !!!!

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"Hangin' 20" !!!

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"Don't Drink and Float" !!!


So There You Have it...This is Where We Live and Play !!!

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We're going to take a little nap now, but hope you've enjoyed your visit,
as much as we've enjoyed showing you around !!!


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Page Last Updated November 5, 2005